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  1. Fruits 96 items
  2. Vegetables 128 items
  3. Salads 13 items
  4. Herbs 17 items
  1. In Stock 255 items
  1. Dole 24 items
  2. Green Giant 8 items
  3. La Fe 5 items
  4. Mott's 2 items
  5. Andy Boy 1 item
  6. Giorgio 4 items
  7. Del Monte 1 item
  8. Ocean Mist 3 items
  9. Foxy 1 item
  10. Driscoll's 3 items
  11. Golden Delicious 2 items
  12. Nature Sweet 1 item
  13. Del Campo 1 item
  14. Choko 1 item
  15. Mama Tere 1 item
  16. Alpine Fresh 1 item
  17. Morita 1 item
  18. Tasti-Lee 1 item
  19. La Ricura 1 item
  20. California Giant Berry Farms 1 item
  21. Double Diamond Farms 1 item
  22. Arepas El Carriel 22 items
  23. Sun Belle 1 item
  24. Beetology 1 item
  25. Foxy Organic 1 item
  26. Garlic Girl 1 item
  27. Nautripe 1 item
  28. Queen Victoria 1 item
  1. Organic 8 items
  2. Non-Gmo 5 items
  3. Vegan 1 item
  4. Low Calorie 4 items
  5. Low Sodium 3 items
  6. Kosher 10 items
  7. Healthy 2 items
  8. Gluten Free 1 item
  9. Natural Vegetables 2 items
  10. High Fiber 4 items
  11. Rich in Calcium 1 item
  12. Natural Ingredients 1 item
  13. All Natural 7 items
Health Benefits
  1. Fat Free 11 items
  2. Cholesterol Free 11 items
  3. Gluten Free 1 item
  4. Preservative Free 12 items
  5. Trans Fat Free 9 items
  6. No Artificial Flavor 1 item
  7. No Artificial Color 1 item
  8. Lactose Free 1 item
  9. Concentrate Free 1 item
  10. Fortified With Vitamin C 9 items
  11. Rich In Iron 2 items
  12. Additive Free 1 item
  1. Certified Non Gmo 4 items
  2. Certified Kosher 1 item
  3. Certified Fairtrade 1 item
  4. USDA Organic 6 items

Fill your Pantry with Our Exclusive Range of Fresh Produce:

Make the most of our wide fresh fruit and fresh vegetable selection and be inspired by the delicious products offered all year round. Fresh Produce is a term used for a group of farm-produced crops and goods that are unprocessed, including fruits and vegetables, salads and herbs.

High Fibre, High Vitamins, High Nutrition!

We support local farmers and growers, bringing the freshest produce to your table. Fresh herbs, vegetables, and fruits provide a nutrient-rich diet and keep you healthy all day long.

Our baskets are loaded with all kinds of seasonal and all year round produce to fulfill all your basic needs. Make scrumptious salads using Dole’s pre-made salad bags, add your choice of salad dressings and salad toppings to make it more flavorful or indulge in cooking a hearty meal by choosing your favorite proteins from our well-stocked meat & poultry section. Remember, desserts taste better when topped with fresh fruits, make sure to add some of those in your cart.

Relax and Enjoy The Real Convenience!

Shop online to enjoy the best experience of grocery shopping anytime, anywhere. Our fleet of chilled delivery vehicles delivers your ingredients fresh and ready to use. Don’t forget to check out our exclusive offers to avail the best of prices.

New Users Get $20 Off Their First Order

We're excited to offer you the same great service you've come to expect from us, now online. We’d love to hear from you, our valued customer, if there’s anything we can do to make your online shopping experience better.

Use coupon code City20 during checkout to get $20 off your first order over $20.

Legal: This offer is for $20 off of your first order totaling $20 or more before taxes and delivery fees. Limit: one per new household. Subject to delivery slot availability. Offers are subject to availability and are for a limited time only. City Market reserves the right to terminate the promotion.