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  1. Pet Food 140 items
  2. Canned Food 78 items
  1. In Stock 149 items
  1. Arm & Hammer 2 items
  2. Hartz 6 items
  3. 9Lives 4 items
  4. Milk-Bone 1 item
  5. Jonny Cat 1 item
  6. Cesar 8 items
  7. Meow Mix 7 items
  8. Carbona 1 item
  9. Pedigree 7 items
  10. Purina Fancy Feast 27 items
  11. Mighty Dog 4 items
  12. Nuestra Salud 1 item
  13. Purina Friskies 33 items
  14. Pup-Peroni 1 item
  15. World's Best Cat Litter 1 item
  16. Fresh Step 1 item
  17. Purina Beyond 4 items
  18. Temptations 1 item
  19. Purina Beneful 8 items
  20. Purina Beggin' 2 items
  21. Purina Cat Chow 4 items
  22. Purina Kitten Chow 1 item
  23. Purina Alpo 10 items
  24. Purina One 7 items
  25. Purina Deli-Cat 1 item
  26. Purina Tidy Cat 2 items
  27. Wardley 1 item
  28. Chop House 2 items
  29. Puppy Chow 1 item
  1. Low Calorie 1 item
  2. High in Protein 15 items
  3. High Fiber 1 item
  4. Rich in Calcium 1 item
Health Benefits
  1. Soy Free 4 items
  2. Preservative Free 2 items
  3. Wheat Free 3 items
  4. No Artificial Flavor 9 items
  5. No Artificial Color 8 items
  6. Fragrance Free 1 item
  7. Fortified With Vitamin C 1 item
  8. Omega-3 Fatty Acid 1 item
  1. Dolphin Safe 2 items
  2. AAFCO 27 items

Make your pet pounce with our Pet Care products!

Make the most of our wide range of pet food and canned food solutions in the Pet Care Department, and be inspired by the variety of brands available all year round. Pet care is a term used for products relating to pet health, pet food, and accessories.

Explore our vast range of brands & categories.

We at City Market Store, have come up with a wide array of exciting pet care products to make everyday lives of your pets entertaining, healthy, fun, easy and stress-free. Each product is made with the best quality ingredients and materials and comes from reliable and trustworthy brands that include Hartz, Cesar, Purina, 9lives, Pedigree, and many more. These brands offer you with a variety of delicious foods and other useful products for your pets like dry food, wet food, pates, concoctions, gravies, and many other products that have various certifications and health benefits so that you have a lot of options to choose from, for every meal.

What does this section offer:

We have organized this section to bring you useful products for your pets like dry food, wet food, pates, concoctions, gravies, and many other options. These food products come as a welcome assistance to a busy person as they help save a lot of time and effort spent on preparing a meal for their pet or taking out their litter. We have a fleet of delivery vehicles which ensure that your products are delivered to your doorstep in minimal time.

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